Whether you're interested in getting involved in office admin, fundraising, PR and communications or events, or co-ordinating or managing local volunteers and collections, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with the BCRT team.

If you are interested in volunteering at our Head Office in Leeds, please contact Julie Chambers at julie.chambers@bcrt.org.uk, or call 0113 258 5934.

Adam Lever tells us what inspired him to become a BCRT volunteer

BCRT is charity very personal to me as I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2011 whilst at university in Leeds. Once returning to my studies after my treatment, I was keen to do some volunteering work to make up for lost time and to gain experience in a working environment. It just so happened that I found that the head office of the BCRT was in Leeds and only a bus ride away from my accommodation in Headingley – perfect!

I volunteer once a week at the office and do various jobs from making up fundraising packs to entering information on the database - every week I'm doing something different! I thoroughly enjoy my time at the office and find volunteering a very rewarding thing to do. The office is such a lovely environment to work in and I've made lots of new friends within the charity.

I would recommend volunteering at the office to everyone. If you want to experience a hardworking, enthusiastic and most of all enjoyable environment, then Team Bones will welcome you with open arms!

Ann Young explains how rewarding she finds volunteering for BCRT

I've been working as a volunteer for BCRT since January 2014, half a day every week. I was inspired to do so after losing my husband to primary bone cancer. Also, I have two teenagers, and knowing how a large proportion of primary bone cancer sufferers are young, it has a double resonance for me to be involved.

I like coming to BCRT every week not only because it feels good to be able to help this brilliant cause but also because of the friendly staff working here. Their enthusiasm and energy are fantastic. I also love the fact that they know so many of our supporters personally, so there is a great sense of partnership.

My role is basically an administrative one - it's quite varied and involves writing thank you cards, handling database entries, conducting research into events that might be supported or staged by BCRT, whatever is needed at the time. The aim of my role is to support the staff to enable them to focus on their own specific tasks.

It's also been really interesting for me to gain experience of working for a small national charity, finding out what goes on 'behind the scenes', and I have to say it is a positive and encouraging environment where everyone's ideas are heard and valued. So whilst one day I may be stuffing envelopes, the next I could be participating in a brainstorm around a specific event or project.

I would recommend volunteering for BCRT to everyone who would like to get some experience in fundraising or administration and have fun while doing so.

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Last updated: 16-04-2015