Charitable Trusts and Foundations

We are keen to build relationships with trusts and foundations that are interested in our work and share our vision for improving the outcomes for bone cancer patients.

If you are a Trustee or have links to a charitable trust, please get in touch to discuss how your support can help children and young people with primary bone cancer

What we do

The main focus of our work is to promote and fund vital research into primary bone cancer, in particular, osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma, both of which get very little funding from other sources.

We currently mainly provide pump priming grants for projects that might initiate or support work that could lead to more substantial applications to national or international funders. We have also recently put out a themed call for research projects looking specifically into interventions into the late diagnosis of primary bone cancer.

We have also recently developed our information services so that people affected by primary bone cancer can access a wide range of information relating to the disease.

To see a list of the projects we have funded click here.

What we want to do

As we grow, we want to develop a support service for bone cancer patients and also their families and friends. We also hope to be able to fund larger research projects, full research programmes and to one day establish an academic chair for primary bone cancer research at a university in the UK.

How your support would help

  • £6,000 would pay for our annual patient and supporter conference, which provides up to 200 delegates with a chance to meet and talk to other people affected by bone cancer and also to learn about the developments in bone cancer research, healthcare provision and the work of Bone Cancer Research trust.
  • £10,000 would pay for a small research project or a bridging gap for a full research programme awaiting funding from a larger organisation.
  • £30,000 would pay for a research project in one of our bi-annual rounds of research proposal applications. The results of these projects are then developed into proposals for further funding as a major programme of research from other national and international funders.
  • £150,000 would enable us to request a themed call for research projects looking into a specific area of primary bone cancer medical research
  • £500,000 would fund a major research programme developed from one of our pump priming projects. Currently our researchers have to rely on funding from other organisations, which is often hard to get, as primary bone cancer is not one of the major cancers that have better opportunities for funding.
  • £1,000,000 would enable us to fund and support an academic chair (professor) in Primary Bone Cancer Research at a University in the UK. They would develop and promote a focused research programme into bone cancer and encourage researchers to develop and coordinate new research into Primary Bone Cancer.

We are extremely grateful for grants of all sizes from Charitable Trusts and Foundations that enable us to continue the vital work that we do for children and young people and those affected by primary bone cancer.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support The Bone Cancer Research Trust please contact us by email at or telephone on 0113 258 5934.

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