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Fundraising is only limited by your imagination! The key to success is having fun! Be inspired by our previous events page and get in touch to tell us about your fundraising plans.

Our Fundraising Toolkit is full of useful information and is a great starting point.

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Tell Your Story

Your personal motivation to raise money for BCRT is your most powerful fundraising tool. Let people know about the story behind why you are supporting BCRT and they are much more likely to take the time to donate.

Take a look at Team Bones from the London Marathon and see how other people have told their story with words, photos and videos. There are some fantastic online fundraising pages!

Why don't you get yourself some Moo cards printed with your online fundraising page on the back and hand them out to everyone you meet!

Remember to keep publicising your page. It takes persistency to reach your target. You know what it's like - people mean to donate, but sometimes they don't quite get round to it on the first request. Remember to thank the people who've already supported you, and to ask them to send your page to their contacts.

Quick Win Fundraising Idea

The focus here is minimal effort on your part, but great results for your Team Bones Fundraising Total!

  1. De-clutter for cash – you know all those books, CDs and DVDs you've been meaning to 'streamline' for ages... visit and get an instant quote for your items, send everything off to a FREEPOST address and wait for your cheque to arrive in the post!

  2. Trade Up – follow in the footsteps of American Kyle Macdonald who started with one red paperclip and traded it for a pen; twelve trades later he had a house. Start with a BCRT Wristband and you might end up with something valuable that you can auction for BCRT.

  3. Bag it up – simply grab some willing volunteers and head down to your local supermarket and ask if you can bag customers' shopping and ask for a donation for your service. It's a proven easy way to raise lots of money!

  4. Be a Smartie – what a tasty way to raise money! Give your family, friends and colleagues a tube of Smarties and once they've eaten them, ask them to fill the empty tube with £1 coins. A full tube will add £27 to your grand total!

  5. Gift of Life – is your birthday coming up? Or perhaps another special occasion that involves gift giving... suggest to your family and friends that instead of giving you presents, they make a donation to BCRT in support of your BCRT fundraising.

  6. Wristbands – raise funds and awareness by selling BCRT Wristbands. At home, at work, at school, at family gatherings – grab every opportunity! Email BCRT now for your wristband supplies.

  7. JustTextGiving – login to your JustGiving page and set up your JustTextGiving code, it will take less than 5 minutes. Then text everybody in your phonebook to sponsor you up to £10 by sending one simple text message (free to send on all networks). BCRT will receive 100% of this donation and by clicking on a link in their confirmation text message, the donor can add Gift Aid which means an extra 25p for every £1 donated.

  8. Dress Down Day – everybody loves a day when they don't have to wear their usual work clothes or uniform and will always pay top dollar for the privilege. Whether you go for a traditional casual clothes day or go the whole hog with a themed fancy dress day, it's sure to be a hit!

  9. Easter Eggstravaganza – Organise an Easter Egg Hunt and charge people to take part; fill a jar with mini Easter eggs and charge people to guess how many; raffle an Easter Basket filled with donated luxury and homemade items; hold a Decorated Easter Egg Competition or an Easter Bonnet Parade – make a small charge to enter and then ask people to vote for their favourite with their spare change and whichever creation collects the most cash is the winner. If your fundraising is taking place at the wrong time of year for Easter, just pick the closest ‘special day’ and theme your fundraising around that instead.

  10. A close shave – not only will you raise lots of money for BCRT by having your head shaved, but think about how aerodynamic you will become! Or how about whipping that beard off or some waxing? Ladies, maybe a man in your life would lose some hair in support of your fundraising... go on ask!

We hope these ideas inspire you to do some 'Quick Win' fundraising and please do tell us all about it on Facebook and Twitter.

Fundraising Online

The quickest and easiest way to make your fundraising go further is to set up an online fundraising page.

Setting up an online giving page with JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving is a great way to raise money, enabling people to sponsor you easily. You can then personalise it with photos and messages and send the link to everyone you know.

Get started now:


Tips for making the most of your page

Use social networking websites

A great way to increase awareness of your fundraising is to tell everyone about your page via Facebook and Twitter. It’s even possible now to link these sites directly to your online giving page, making it even simpler for people to donate. Another way to inspire people, and raise awareness, is to blog about how your preparation is going. If people see the amount of time you’re committing, and why you’re doing your event, then they’ll be more likely to dig deep!

Email your family and friends

Target your most generous supporters first. People tend to match the amounts already listed on the page.

Be persistent

Try re-sending the link to your page one week before the event to get some last minute sponsors. Then send it one more time once you've done the event - it's never too late!

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