Flora Women's Mini Marathon

The Flora Women's Mini Marathon is the biggest all women's event of its kind in the world. The event has no equals in its appeal. Women of all ages representing every county and every walk of life take part in this great Festival of Women.

DATE - Monday 2nd June 2014

TIME – 2pm


START Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2

FINISH St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2

Entries for the Flora Women's Mini Marathon will open on Wednesday 19th February. To enter, visit www.florawomensminimarathon.ie. The number of entries is strictly limited. To avoid disappointment, enter early.

If you are successful in securing your own place in the run through the race organisers then we would love to have you running for Team Bones! Please either complete this online form or call us on 0044(0)113 2585934.

BCRT Ireland

Welcome to BCRT Ireland, the sole charity dedicated to Primary Bone Cancer in Ireland and the UK.

This part of our website is aimed at Irish Primary Bone Cancer patients, their families and friends.

Bone Cancer Research Trust is a charity devoted to improving the outcome for those affected by Primary Bone Cancer (PBC)

Our charity reflects the fact that PBC ignores all boundaries including borders. Two of our trustees live in Ireland and we are united in our endeavour to achieve improved outcomes for patients throughout the UK and Ireland. We aim to accomplish this through research, awareness, information and support.

A diagnosis with Primary Bone Cancer in Ireland can be an even more frightening experience than for those living in Great Britain. The lower population in Ireland means that even fewer patients are seen. On the face of it this would seem to be (and is) a good thing but fewer patients mean less experience and further isolation for those concerned.

This is an area that BCRT has already seen change occur. Our information officer is on hand to respond to queries from Irish patients and their families and all of the information made available applies to both countries.

Every new publication as well as our website with its' dedicated Ireland section is written or researched with both countries in mind.

We are currently building on the strong links with hospitals throughout Ireland where PBC patients are treated as well as producing literature solely aimed at Irish patients and their families.

We are a unique charity with its' own dual nationality - we consider this to be one of the strongest aspects of our organisation.

The charity was formed in March 2006 and by the 1st of July that year the first three research projects were underway. To date 38 pioneering research projects totalling more than £1.7 million have been funded with a significant portion of these funds being raised in Ireland.

We aim to make a difference to Irish patients, their families and their friends by providing them with relevant up to the minute information about PBC, its treatments and current trials underway in Ireland and the UK.

We also aim to enable Irish patients and their families to connect with each other and ensure that they know that others have experienced the same journey and that they are not alone. A principal of BCRT is to ensure that all those diagnosed with PBC are supported and ultimately go on to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

Our aims include improving the lives of all those affected by bone cancer in Ireland by;-

  • To ensure that people affected by primary bone cancer in Ireland have access to all BCRT information and support services.

  • Increasing awareness of PBC and thereby ensure earlier detection.

  • Funding research into the understanding of PBC and its causes.

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