Stories of strength from the past

Learn more about people who have been affected by bone cancer. What they go through and how they cope by reading these personal stories from people across the UK and Ireland.

Adam Dealey
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Adam was a very brave and courageous 10 year old battling to survive a rare children's bone Cancer, Ewing's sarcoma.
Adam Panther
Category: osteosarcoma
Adam was 18 when he started getting knee joint pains a couple of weeks after he went to a concert where he had been kicked in the leg; he thought it was just bruising or sprained. The pains came and went for a few weeks and he began limping and the pains got worse so he went to the doctors to get it checked out. It was June 2006.
Alexander Albiston
Category: osteosarcoma
Alexander Albiston was 17 years old when he was diagnosed with high grade osteosarcoma of his left knee in July 2008. Before the onset of this terrible disease, Alexander had been an outstanding individual in all that he did.
Anthony Pilcher
Category: osteosarcoma
Anthony was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma in April 2001 at the age of 14. After the initial diagnosis and various hospital appointments to discuss his treatment, he decided he wanted to try to raise some money in the hope that he might be able to stop other children going through what he was going to have to deal with.
Billie Fulford
Category: osteosarcoma

I would like to share my daughter Billie’s story who passed away 19th March 2012 aged 16.

Billie was a very quiet, gentle young lady who strived to achieve so much despite suffering with Osteosarcoma.

Bláthnaid Foley
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Bláthnaid Mairéad Foley was born on the 25th of March 1993 in Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire. She was our second child, a sister for Sorcha who was nearly four years old at the time. We were very happy with our family and were delighted when we added a little boy, Connor on the 22nd of March 1995.
Bradley Mills
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
I'd like to tell you about my beautiful, brave son Bradley. He was born in March 1990, a good weight, lively and well, and had a pretty much normal and healthy childhood, no major health issues, the usual bumps and scrapes and childhood illnesses such as chicken pox ensued, but never anything to worry about.
Brian Caterer
Category: Spindle cell sarcoma
Dad's story begins back 2 years ago. He kept saying his leg and buttock were aching. He was not feeling 100 per cent. Over the last 2 years he has been backwards and forwards to GPs.
Chris Hubbard
Category: osteosarcoma
Chris was always a very active person, he worked as the Volunteer Gardening Co-Ordinator at the RHS Garden, Hyde Hall Rettendon in Essex, played bowls several times a week, enjoyed walking, photography, woodwork and decorating.
Christopher Hardman
Category: osteosarcoma
Christopher Hardman first complained of a pain in his leg in December 2001. After several visits to the hospital and various doctors over the next three to four months, he was told he had growing pains and did not need an x-ray. He was eventually x-rayed after his father insisted and was immediately referred to a specialist.
Christopher Rossiter
Category: osteosarcoma
Chris Rossiter was a bright, lively young man of 16 when in February 2005 he hurt his arm playing hockey - the doctor said it was just a sublaxated shoulder and sent him for physio.
Claudia Jay Paul
Category: Ewing’s sarcoma
Over the winter of 2002/2003 I got to know Benana really well. As it came into the spring of 2003 I was starting to ride more often and finding more and more shows to go to, I went to a show nearly every weekend, coming home with lots of rosettes. I had lots planned, I was going to the riding club championships and I had lots of goals in sight. But that all ended when in June 2003 I found a lump on my right shoulder blade...
Colm Rooney
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Colm, a keen footballer and passionate supporter of Manchester United from Donabate, Co. Dublin, was diagnosed two months before his 18th birthday with Ewing’s sarcoma in March 2010.
Conor O'Sullivan
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Conor O'Sullivan was a young man from Gorey, Co. Wexford who passed away in 2002 after a brave battle against Ewing's sarcoma. These are extracts from Conor's speech that he gave to the 'Make a Wish Foundation'.
Dan Gregory
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Daniel was born on 31st July 1991. He was my second son, the middle one of 3 boys. Dan was never really ill and if he ever had a headache or anything he wouldn't take tablets that's just how he was. Dan was a normal teenage boy into his video games and making his warhammer pieces.
Daniel Barnett
Category: Primary Bone Cancer
Daniel’s talent was evident from an early age. He always loved to draw and paint and when he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14 it didn’t change the person he was in any way. Despite undergoing extensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy he continued to set himself goals and managed to achieve so much.
Emily Jane Cross
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Emily Jane was born on the 18/08/1996 at The Coombe Hospital, Dublin. She was 7lbs and 4 ounces. It was a very difficult birth resulting in her mother Dolores suffering from severe postnatal depression. Emily was sick when she was born but in time recovered and was able to go home.
Emma Callar
Category: osteosarcoma
Emma was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in August 2001 age 17. The nightmare had just begun. There were many tests to be completed before they were sure: CT Scan, MRI, Blood tests, Bone Scans, Heart and Kidney tests.
Emma Maltby (nee Rawson)
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
“Once you became Emma’s friend you became part of the family” — as spoken by one of her good friends. Emma died of cancer on the 14th May 2003, aged 38. What follows is the story of her fight with cancer. It’s especially tragic to us, her family and friends, but we are only too aware that it is a story that is being repeated amongst other families, other friends, every day.
Gary Scott
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Gary was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in January 2006. After months of going back and forth to the doctor complaining of backache and being given more and more painkillers the doctors finally took him into hospital when he woke up and his leg was twice the size.
Guy Francis
Category: osteosarcoma
As Guy was growing up, he always enjoyed life to the full. With a wide circle of friends, he wanted to have a go at anything that was on offer and also worked hard to achieve academically. He was a keen sportsman with a good eye for the ball succeeding in football, rugby, cricket and golf.
Hazel Burns
Category: osteosarcoma
This is in memory of my sister Hazel, who died in the early hours of Monday 16th November 2009 after a brave battle with osteosarcoma cancer. She was diagnosed in early December 2007 aged 23 and from the start was determined to continue to live her life to the full.
Jennifer Carvell
Category: osteosarcoma
Jennifer loved life and appreciated everything that life had to offer her. She was renowned for her beautiful smile, her fun personality and her laughter. Jennifer lit up the lives of everyone who knew her and brought everyone happiness.
Jess Gower
Category: osteosarcoma
Shirley shares her daughter Jess’s one-off diary entry which she wrote after being diagnosed with primary bone cancer in August 2009.
John Bisignano
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
John Alexander Bisignano died of Ewing's sarcoma on the 30th of December 2005, aged 20 years and 9 months. Before being struck down with this terrible disease he was fully engaged in his successful modelling career and in May 2004 he signed with two top American agencies, Warning in LA and Elite in NYC.
Joseph Thompson
Category: osteosarcoma
Joseph was a very active and happy boy with a close circle of friends, one of whom called him Big Joe' because he was taller than the rest of them.'
Krystle Smith
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Krystle was born on the 25th of November 1983, the daughter of Christopher and Patricia Smith. She was the only sister of Stephen and Darren. She attended St Michael's National School in Arklow for her primary school education then went on to St Mary's college for Secondary education. She played the violin and piano and had been a member of the Arklow Girl Guides.
Laura Weston
Category: osteosarcoma
Laura Weston started to write her bone cancer story after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 15. She seemed to be making a good recovery after her leg was amputated. Sadly six months after diagnosis a body scan showed the cancer has spread.

Laura never got to finish her story but her mum Gillian wanted to share her daughter’s poignant, heart-felt words…
Lauren Landy
Category: osteosarcoma
Our lovely daughter Lauren's osteosarcoma battle' started in the summer of 2001. Lauren complained of a painful left knee and lower leg she thought that she had twisted it playing about on the beach with her boyfriend and friends. '
Lewis Oglesby
Category: osteosarcoma
Apart from having bacterial meningitis just before his 3rd birthday Lewis had a fairly uneventful childhood and the usual viruses, cut & bruises etc. With the meningitis he was in intensive care for a while and it left him totally deaf in his right ear, although unless he told you, you simply wouldn't know.
Libby O'Brien
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
On 17th April 2008 we shockingly found out that our daughter Libby (then 16 months) had a brain tumour.
Luke Bradwell
Category: osteosarcoma
Luke was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in November 2010. He had been suffering from leg pain for months but his family and their local GP nurses put it down to a sports injury before a scan revealed the disease.
Martin Matthews
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
One day in February 2005 Martin came out of school with a severe pain in his left hip. It had come on suddenly while he was sitting in lessons and was so severe that he couldn't sit and it was making him limp.
Matthew Young
Category: High grade spindle cell sarcoma of sacrum
Matthew Young was diagnosed with a high grade spindle cell sarcoma of sacrum in 2009 - he was 28 years old. Very sadly, Mat lost his brave battle with bone cancer almost three years later aged just 31.
Michael Pestana
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
It was October 1998 when Michael was diagnosed as having Ewing's Sarcoma in the soft tissue of his lower left leg. He was told treatment would be severe, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.
Nicholas Basil Coonan 'BAZ'
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
As I proof read this it is Nick's 29th birthday and snowing heavily. He would have loved that present from Mother Nature.
Nick Pollard
Category: osteosarcoma
Nick was a typical fun-loving 19 year old, who lived for football, cricket and the weekends. Hardly a day went by, when Nick wasn't football training or cricketing.
Nicola Curran
Category: osteosarcoma
Nicola's cancer was found on 5th April 2005 in Wexford General Hospital, but it wasn't until 21 days later that it was confirmed as osteosarcoma, despite bone scans, x-rays and MRI scans and every doctor saying that it was an osteosarcoma. It was a further 5 days before her treatment began so from the discovery of the tumour until the start of treatment 26 days had elapsed.
Oliver Curd
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Oliver was the first born to Sarah and Richard Curd in May 98. He was a loving, caring boy who was always curious about how things worked, gadgets, building lego, his love of trains, the natural world, planets, dinosaurs and crystals.
Omar Qureshi
Category: osteosarcoma
In October 2010 Omar developed a nagging pain in his right thigh which at first was easy to ignore but towards the end of October this pain had become increasingly worse and was dramatically hard and swollen. He was taken by his mother on 31st October 2010 to Leeds General Infirmary where a precautionary x-ray showed some alteration in the right femur. A number of tests were carried out resulting in a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma...
Rhodri Jones
Category: osteosarcoma
Rhodri was a kind, caring, fun loving boy, a real character who enjoyed life and lived it to the full. He loved a joke and his cheeky, infectious grin never failed to make everyone around him smile. He enjoyed all sports and was a good all rounder, playing rugby during the winter and cricket throughout the summer.
Ross Nugent
Category: Ewing's sarcoma
Our beautiful son Ross was a very positive, dignified and brave young man. He fought a difficult battle and lost to an insidious illness called Ewing's Sarcoma, a name I never heard before but one I will never forget.
Samantha Kearsley
(nee Cole)
Category: osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma
I lost my 25 year old daughter to bone cancer in 2010. Samantha was a young, happy healthy girl who had just started a new job and was planning her wedding; she had her whole life ahead of her.
Sean Keane
Category: osteosarcoma
Sean, the only son of Bray - base RTE newsreader Una O'Hagan and radio journalist Colm Keane, died on Christmas Day 2007 after tragically losing a three-year battle with osteosarcoma.
Shane Duffy
Category: Ewing's sacorma
Shane was born on the 6th July, my first born. I was so thrilled to have a boy. He grew up like any normal child, he went to school in Catherdavin even though we lived in Moyross. He made many friends in school and where he lived.
Simon Moore
Category: Ewing's sacorma
I gave up remembering dates after the 21st time Simon went to theatre but our journey began somewhere in the summer of 1999. Simon was 19.
Simon Read
Category: osteosarcoma
Our wonderful son Simon died on July 12th 1997 just a few days after his 26th birthday.
Stephanie McCartney
Category: osteosarcoma
Stephi was born 19th December 1988, 9 minutes after her identical twin Becki. She weighed in at 5 lbs 12oz where her older twin weighed in at 4 lbs 2oz. Stephi had taken the lions share of nutrients whilst in the womb.
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